Kellogg College Scholarships for Master, University of Oxford, UK

Applications are particularly welcomed in the fields of Global Health ScienceMigration Studies andInternational Human Rights Law. The scholarships are not restricted to students undertaking named courses in these respective fields, so studies that are closely related to these fields are included. If there are no candidates of sufficient academic merit in these fields, the College may choose to award the scholarships to students in other fields.Kellogg welcomes applications for these scholarships on an equal basis from students studying full time and part time. The awards are tenable over the full course of study (1 to 6 years) coterminous with college fee liability. Annual renewal will depend on academic progress and involvement in college life. These awards are also open to full time DPhil students.

Students at other colleges will be required to migrate to Kellogg to take up the scholarships if successful.

Applicants should complete the application form and email or post to Sarah O’Brien ( at Kellogg College by the deadline.

Also by the same deadline the College needs to receive a reference from an academic referee involved in the applicant’s most recent academic studies. The referee should explain why he/she believes that the academic excellence of the applicant is so outstanding as to merit the award of this scholarship. Referees should send the reference by email or post directly to Sarah O’Brien at Kellogg College.

The awarding panel will also consider the information that a candidate supplied when applying for their programme of study in Oxford. In some cases, applications may be followed up by telephone. Do not send additional documents as these will not be considered.

Deadline: Friday 19 August 2011.
Value: £2,000 per year for 1 year (full time study) or £1,000 for 2 years (part time study).


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